HAY launches brand new Parade lamp collection

Danish homeware brand HAY has introduced a range of geometric table lamps in various colours and sizes.

Created in collaboration with Danish husband-and-wife designers Viola Heyn-Johnsen and Jonas Trampedach, the lamps were inspired by the desire to create an ambient light source with a sculptural quality.

"Equally appealing as a collection of illuminating sculptures, a single light source on a bedside cabinet or displayed with other ornaments without the light switched on, Parade combines functionality with aesthetics to create a versatile and unique lamp," says HAY.

The lamps have an in-line step dimmer and use an eco-friendly LED light source, which can be replaced as and when it's needed.

The collection is now available from HUH. Store with prices starting at £175.

HAY Parade Lamp

HAY Parade Lamp

HAY Parade Lamp


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